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Ancient Roots "Cannabis Companion"

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Updated May 31st, 2023

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Check out our “Road to Relief” dispensary drops to find Ancient Roots craft products near you! Check your local dispensary menus for product availability.

*Updated May 31st, 2023. (follow us on social media for previous drops near you!) Links on bottom of the page.

*Updated May 25th, 2023. (follow us on social media for previous drops near you!)

Ancient Roots’ mission is to fuse together the powers of nature with the advancements of modern science in order to unleash the powerful benefits of medical marijuana.

We believe that by cultivating and producing the highest-quality medical marijuana and medical marijuana products, Ancient Roots can offer relief and comfort to those needing it most.

Patient needs, from education to product availability to packaging, are at the forefront of Ancient Roots. All products are cultivated and produced to ensure patient safety, consistent dosage and symptom relief.

  • Qualifying Conditions

    To become a registered patient in Ohio, a certified physician must first recommend medical marijuana for treatment of a qualifying condition.  Click here to see if you have a qualifying condition.

    Learn More
  • Become a Patient

    All Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program patients must be registered with the State Board of Pharmacy prior to the purchase of medical marijuana.  Click to learn more about how to become a patient.

    Learn More
  • Caregivers

    Learn more about the  requirements and process for assisting a loved one with the purchase and administration of medical marijuana.  You can also learn about becoming a caregiver for a minor.

    Learn More
  • Methods of Consumption

    Find out more about the approved methods of administration and consumption in Ohio, as well as specific types of products that will be available to Ohio patients.

    Learn More
  • Find a Physician

    Physicians must be certified with the State Medical Board of Ohio before recommending medical marijuana.  Find a complete list of recommending physicians here.

    Learn More
  • Find a Dispensary

    Need to know where to purchase medical marijuana? Click here to see a list of licensed dispensaries across Ohio where patients can purchase medical marijuana.

    Learn More
  • FAQ

    Have questions? Get answers and gain knowledge to be a better informed and empowered patient.  Click here to learn more!

    Learn More
  • About the Program

    Gain a better understanding of the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program, the options it can offer you or a loved one and how to become a part of it.

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  • Grow with Us

    Do you have a passion for helping people? Are you interested in becoming part of the Ancient Roots family? Click here to submit your resume!

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