The mission of Ancient Roots is to forge current cultivation and manufacturing practices with the latest science and state-of-the-art equipment to unleash the powerful and natural benefits of medical marijuana. In doing so, we produce the absolute highest-grade medical marijuana and medical marijuana products for the patients of Ohio. Our commitment to operating a compliant cultivation facility allows us to create safe and consistent products for the patients of Ohio, as well as provide a safe work environment for our employees.

Ancient Roots infuses all products with love and compassion, in hopes to restore a quality of life to the patients of Ohio.

  • David Haley

    President / CEO

    David Haley brings over twenty years of combined experience in operational management and entrepreneurial expertise to his role as Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Ancient Roots. Most recently, David has owned and operated a medical device company, working diligently and intimately with surgeons to ensure the best possible outcome for patients. As CEO & Founder of Ancient Roots, David plans to extend his high-level of professionalism and compassion into every aspect of the business, from R&D to sales. David keeps patient welfare and employee success at the forefront of business, building a compliant and technologically-advanced company upon a foundation of kindness, optimism, and honesty.

  • Michelle Schrader

    Chief Operating Officer

    Michelle Schrader has decades of experience working in the medical field, most recently serving as Director of Operations for a medical device sales company. As COO and Co-Founder of Ancient Roots, Michelle's expertise in the development and implementation of operational procedures and guidelines will be crucial to company success. In addition to Michelle's operational prowess, Ancient Roots will utilize her experience in personnel development, sales management and finance administration. As a cancer survivor herself, Michelle feels an elevated sense of compassion towards and duty to Ohio's patients and strives to provide them access to safe products.

  • Jesse Littleton

    Director of Sales & Marketing

    Jesse Littleton was born in Clinton County, Ohio, home of Ancient Roots. There Jesse was raised in the small town of Sabina where his family has owned and operated a funeral home for over a century as well as a local medical supply business. Growing up, Jesse’s exposure to these family businesses, led to his development of a compassion towards and dedication to the needs of his community. Jesse’s passion for music, which started at a young age, led him to begin a career in the music industry, producing records under the artist name Gran Bel Fisher and performing all across the nation. Through Jesse’s awe-inspiring journey in the entertainment industry and marketing world, he has established and continues to evolve a myriad of skills from sales and marketing strategies, video production and over all creative imaging for a company, brand or service.

    "I want to connect with people. I want to help people. Always have, always will.”
    - Jesse Littleton

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